Three Years of Protection!

Did you know that there is a vaccination for dogs which will give 3 years protection against Parvovirus, Distemper and Hepatitis? Sounds great doesn’t it? But this doesn’t mean that we should skip our yearly checkups. It is vital that dogs still have a yearly check up as well as a yearly Kennel Cough vaccination. So why should you consider changing? By stimulating the immune system less frequently, we decrease the risk of inducing immune-related diseases, and so it is kinder on the body. Please contact us if you would like more information. No Vaccination, No Vacation If you are going away over the Summer holidays and your pets are having their own vacation, please ensure their vaccination

Vet Care while you work

Leave your pet at the Albert Animal Hospital while you work. Drop your pet in with us on your way into the office and collect them on the way home. We will contact you through the day with updates on your pet. Veterinary services available (but not limited to): * Vaccinations * Dental Care * Desexing * Lumps and Bumps * Grooming and Nail care * General Health Check Our drop-and-go service operates from 7am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are open until 7pm weeknights so you can pick your pet up at the end of the day. Your pet will spend their day in air-conditioned comfort, have a thorough Veterinary check up and all findings discussed with you over the phone, at no extra cost. Let us take the

My pet needs a tooth removed - what happens now?

***WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES OF A VETERINARY PROCEDURE*** There are many steps involved in removing teeth. The following shows a step-by-step process of a fractured carnassial tooth removal. These teeth commonly fracture when chewing on something hard, like a bone. As the images show, there is a lot more work involved than just “pulling a tooth out”. Extracting teeth requires oral surgery. #DentalDisease #BadBreath #VeterinaryDentistry #PetHealth #Ouch

My Pet has a Lump - Should I be worried?

***WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS IMAGES OF A VETERINARY PROCEDURE*** Skin lumps can range from harmless to serious and the problem is they can all look the same. All lumps should have diagnostic testing. This involves introducing a needle into the lump and harvesting cells to examine under a microscope (cytology). The cell types determine if the lump is due to infection, inflammation or cancer. Some lumps may require surgical removal to get the diagnosis. Case Study A small skin lump was found measuring approximately 5-10mm. A fine needle aspirate revealed mast cells. This lump is a mast cell tumour, a malignant cancer which requires surgical removal with wide surgical margins. This means

Puppy Preschool

PUPPY PRESCHOOL 🐶 We want your puppy to have the very best start in life, and this begins with good health care and Puppy Preschool. Our Delta Society accredited trainer Juliette runs a fun and educational course over 5 weeks. The next class starts next week on Wednesday 29th November 2017. Call us to book in your puppy on 3208 9233. We would love to see you there! #Puppy #Preschool #DeltaTrainer #Socialisation

Busting Myths about Cats #3

❎ MYTH: Cats are healthier and experience fewer health problems than dogs. ✅ FACT: Cats are no more or less healthy than dogs and require annual wellness examinations just as much as dogs do. So.... HAVE WE SEEN YOUR CAT LATELY? #HaveWeSeenYourCatLately #generalhealthcare #Cat #ResponsiblePetOwnership #PetHealth

Busting Myths about Cats #2

❎ MYTH: Cats are more self-sufficient than dogs. ✅ FACT: Cats require the same amount of attention as dogs. Food, water, a clean litter tray and regular veterinary care are vital factors for feline health. So.... HAVE WE SEEN YOUR CAT LATELY? #HaveWeSeenYourCatLately #generalhealthcare #Cat #Prevention #ResponsiblePetOwnership

Busting Myths about Cats #1

❎ MYTH: Health problems come from outside and don’t affect indoor cats. ✅ FACT: Even cats with no outdoor exposure can still get sick and have health conditions that require attention including dental health, osteoarthritis, chronic kidney disease, weight management and even diabetes and cancer. Parasites such as fleas can also be passed on from other pets. So.... HAVE WE SEEN YOUR CAT LATELY? #HaveWeSeenYourCatLately #Cat #PetHealth #ResponsiblePetOwnership #generalhealthcare #Prevention

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