September 9, 2019

As a pet parent, when your fur baby gets sick or injured, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether you can afford treatment.

Innovating the pet insurance claims experience, GapOnly™ reviews and calculates your claim while you’re still at the vet. You simp...

March 5, 2019

Feliway? Feliscratch? Feli-What???

Is your cat stressing out? Does he urinate on everything when he’s being a stressy? Or do you have a cheeky kitty who thinks your leather couch would look far better shredded? We hear you!

If you haven’t come across them already, there...

December 15, 2018

On the ninth day of Christmas, Dr Marilyn saw a very concerned Mrs Bell saying her cat had just peed all over her wrapped Christmas presents at the base of the Christmas tree! What made Tinsel, the beloved family feline, pee on the presents? Marilyn ensured the owner h...

January 25, 2018


We hope your new furry friend brings you many years of pleasure and companionship.

So what's next?

Health Checks

Our vets will thoroughly check over your new four-legged friend, checking from nose to tail and everything in between! We will also discuss imp...

November 21, 2017

❎ MYTH: Cats are healthier and experience fewer health problems than dogs. 

✅ FACT: Cats are no more or less healthy than dogs and require annual wellness examinations just as much as dogs do.


November 21, 2017

❎ MYTH: Cats are more self-sufficient than dogs. 

✅ FACT: Cats require the same amount of attention as dogs. Food, water, a clean litter tray and regular veterinary care are vital factors for feline health.


November 20, 2017

❎ MYTH: Health problems come from outside and don’t affect indoor cats.

✅ FACT: Even cats with no outdoor exposure can still get sick and have health conditions that require attention including dental health, osteoarthritis, chronic kidney disease, weight management a...

September 1, 2017

Pheromone. noun A natural chemical substance secreted from specialised glands that induce an emotional or physiological response in an individual of the same species. Pheromones are perceived by the vomeronasal organ, a specialised organ in the roof of the mouth contai...

September 1, 2017

Does your cat get into fights? If so, they could pick up more than just injuries - they are in danger of contracting FIV.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a virus that attacks the immune system of cats. A bite from an FIV-infected cat transmits the virus through i...

August 20, 2017

Have you ever noticed cats rubbing their faces on familiar objects - including people? Whilst they are enjoying this rub, they are also depositing pheromones from their cheek gland. 

Feliway is a product which mimics the feline facial pheromone and enables cats to fee...

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