Buster's Busted Leg

This happy-go-lucky cattle dog pup has 2 speeds: stop and go! Buster had an injured leg and x-rays revealed fractured bones.

Fractured bones need rest and care in order for them to heal. Resting can be difficult when you are a young working-dog breed like a cattle dog! Buster had his leg in a splint for 6 weeks, which was changed on a weekly basis. Then further rest for another 2 weeks. He was very forgiving of all the things we had to do to him, and still gave us a happy lick at each visit.

If your dog has a sore leg, it is possible they could have a fracture, so it is very important to have a check up. Just like Buster, x-rays may be required for a diagnosis. If your pet needs a check up, call us for an appointment on 3208 9233.

Well done to Buster's human family for nursing him through the healing process.

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