Welcoming a new kitten to your family

Welcoming a new kitten into your home is the start of a lifetime of fun and happiness.

It's important to be prepared.

Your kitten should have a health check with your Veterinarian within a few days of joining your family. Please bring vaccination documents to your visit.

Prepare your home before your kitten arrives with the following items:

* Good quality food - we recommend Meals for Meows * Bowls for food and water * Collar with bell - make sure it has a safety release * Scratching post * Comfy bed - igloo beds are nice to curl inside * Places to hide * Safe high perches * 2 litter trays per cat, litter and scoop * Flea prevention * Worming * Toys - including food enrichment toys * Grooming brush * Feliway spray to help settle them in * Lots of love

This gorgeous little 'torti' kitten is Luna. She is so playful and clever - she is even signing her own paperwork.

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