My pet needs surgery - What happens now?

We know it can be very daunting for you and your pet when they require a surgical procedure. Do not worry, this is what happens from the moment you arrive.

1. A consent form is signed by you and any relevant information is checked e.g. Your pet should be fasted, what time did they have their last dose of medication, any problems with previous procedures, any current concerns

2. We run a pre-anaesthetic (PAS) blood test with our in-house blood machine, if this option is required

3. If the results of the blood test are fine, your pet will receive a pre-medication injection which contains a sedative and pain relief. This will make your pet a bit sleepy and allows us to use less of the injectable anaesthetic drug that induces general anaesthesia

4. An IV (intravenous) catheter is placed in their leg, which is connected to intravenous fluids ie. a drip. IV fluids are recommended for every patient undergoing general anaesthesia as they help to maintain blood pressure and allows fast IV access if required

5. An IV injection is given to induce general anaesthesia - now your pet is completely asleep

6. A tube is placed into their airway (trachea) which connects to a machine which provides oxygen and gaseous anaesthesia. This is what keeps your pet asleep for the procedure

7. A Veterinary Nurse prepares the patient for surgery, and monitors and records their vital signs

8. The Veterinarian performs the procedure

9. Once the procedure is finished, the gaseous anaesthetic is turned off and the patient breathes oxygen from the machine as they wake up

10. The tube is removed from the airway and the patient recovers on soft bedding and kept warm with blankets, hot water bottles, and of course gentle calming pats. Pain relief is given as required

11. We will contact you to let you know your pet is out of surgery. They need a few hours to recover under supervision before going home

12. The best part - taking your pet home in the afternoon with instructions on how to look after them

Our Veterinarians at the Albert Animal Hospital perform surgical procedures Monday to Friday. If you have any concerns at all please call us on 3208 9233. We are more than happy to discuss your concerns to put your mind at ease.

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