"Flip the lip"


Our Veterinarians love looking at your pet’s teeth. Have you “flipped the lip” to see the condition of your pet’s teeth? Book your pet in for your *FREE* Dental check up.

Book a dental procedure in August and you could *WIN* a fantastic prize for you and your pet!

Signs that your pet may be suffering from periodontal disease * Bad Breath (leading sign of infection in the mouth) * Tooth discolouration * Tooth loss * Red or swollen gums * Bleeding gums * Difficulty eating * Behavioural changes

People need regular dental check up and our pets do too! Did you know that 80% of pets over age 3 have dental disease needing treatment to relieve infection and pain - Ouch!

Call 3208 9233 now to book your pet in for a FREE Dental Check!

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