What happens during a dental procedure?

People regularly visit the dentist for their own dental health checks and will happily sit in the chair, keep our mouths open and not bite the dentist. Even the most well behaved pet will not comply so easily. It is impossible to properly clean and examine your pet’s teeth without having them under anaesthesia and safely intubated to protect their lungs from inhaling stray calculus and bacteria during the procedure.

When our vets clean your pet’s teeth - * Your pet is anaesthetised and an endotracheal tube is placed to ensure no plaque, bacteria or fluid can go down into your pet's lungs.

* Your pet is continually monitored by the vet and dental nurse throughout the whole procedure. * Every single tooth is comprehensively checked with a specialised probe to ensure there are no deep pockets between the tooth and gum, or fractures in the tooth itself. * Each tooth is scaled with an ultrasonic scaler, just like what the human dentists use. * Loose, fractured or teeth with severe periodontal disease are surgically removed using local anaesthetic nerve blocks, sectioning and elevation, the socket is flushed and cleaned and then sometimes sutured closed. * All teeth are polished to make sure the surface is smooth and therefore less likely to attract new plaque. * Your pet is recovered from anaesthesia safely and with continual nurse observation.

Signs that your pet may be suffering from periodontal disease

* Bad Breath (leading sign of infection in the mouth) * Tooth discolouration * Tooth loss * Red or swollen gums * Bleeding gums * Difficulty eating * Behavioural changes

** Fun Fact! **

Did you know that dogs have 42 teeth and cats have 26!

What colour are your pet's teeth?

Do they look like the BEFORE or the AFTER photo?

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