On the eleventh day of Christmas...

On the eleventh day of Christmas, we had an urgent visit from Truffle the chocolate cavoodle who had eaten the box of chocolates that was meant to be gifted to his neighbours! Thankfully Truffle’s family realised what had happened when they found the tell-tale shiny wrappers around the house.

A quick trip to the clinic and Dr Vic administered some medication to make Truffle vomit. The sooner the chocolate was out of Truffle's stomach the better. The cocoa in chocolate contains theobromine, which may cause an upset stomach, heart arrhythmias and many other side effects in our pets. Once all of the chocolate was out of Truffle's stomach he was able to go home and enjoy a chocolate-free Christmas with his family.

If you suspect your pet has eaten chocolate, time is critical, get them to the vet as soon as possible.

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