On the tenth day of Christmas...

On the tenth day of Christmas, Dr Jason had a visit from Mrs Claus who was very worried as Blitzen was scratching his ears and he smelled terrible. "Well Mrs Claus" Jason explained “We need to look into this right away to make Blitzen comfortable for Christmas”. “What could it be?” Mrs Claus asked. “As you are aware Blitzen has had a history of skin issues and unfortunately the same issues are causing his ear problems. Most ear problems in dogs are initially caused by allergies and the inflammation causes him to scratch his ears. The lining of his ear can become damaged and secondary (typically either yeast or bacterial) infections arise. As you have noticed this is extremely uncomfortable for Blitzen". Jason examined Blitzen to diagnose yeast as the cause of the secondary infection and started the appropriate treatment. "He will be feeling much better in a few days so that you both can enjoy your busy Christmas Day. By the way Mrs Claus, say hello to Santa.”

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