On the fifth day of Christmas...

On the fifth day of Christmas, it was time for the annual Jones family photo. All the Jones's got together in front of the Christmas tree for the big event. Cupid the terrier was very excited as usual.

Mrs Jones busily got everyone into position then picked up Cupid. “C’mon Cupid it’s time for our photo and you need to smile”. Well Cupid’s smile was not pearly white but yellow and his breath was horrendous. Well the photo was quickly taken and luckily Cupid didn’t smile.

“Cupid you are going to see the vet this afternoon!" Dr Kylie examined Cupid and informed Mrs Jones that he had severe gingivitis and needed a full oral examination under general anaesthetic to determine if any teeth needed extraction due to irreversible disease causing bone loss and infection.

Cupid is booked in to have this done tomorrow! Thanks to the annual Christmas photo Cupid’s condition was recognised and will be treated in time. His smile (and breath!) will be perfect for Christmas day.

Don’t put off examining your pet's teeth until next Christmas. It may be too late. If in doubt ring Albert Animal Hospital for a free dental check.

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