'Twas the night before Christmas...

“'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was .....” Mrs Smith stopped reading to her children and proclaimed “What are you doing Merry?“ Merry the pekinese was rubbing her bottom on the Christmas stocking laid in front of the Christmas tree. Mrs Smith picked up the stocking and recoiled from the horrendous stench. “Oh my! There is something wrong here.” Being Christmas Eve she grabbed Merry and rushed her down to the Albert Animal Hospital.

"Doctor there is something wrong with Merry. She is scooting her bottom along the ground and she SMELLS awful". “Well” Dr James said after a thorough examination. “I can understand your concerns; Merry has been scooting because her anal glands are blocked. Anal glands are usually expressed when dogs pass faeces. It is also used to mark their territory. This function can be altered due to inappropriate diet or can be associated with skin allergies. They become full which can lead to blockages, infections and abscesses which can be irritating and painful. Sometimes this can lead to the need to surgically drain an abscess." But tonight, Christmas Eve, Dr James successfully unblocked and expressed Merry’s anal glands so that Mrs Smith and Merry can have a pleasant Christmas Day. “Merry Christmas Mrs Smith and do come and see me if there is any more scooting”.

We hope you have enjoyed our festive fur stories over the last 12 days.

We would like to wish all of our wonderful clients and patients a fabulous Christmas and a safe and happy 2019. We really appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to another year of fur-filled fun together.

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