But I'm just a kitten!

Iggy may just be a kitten with deciduous (baby) teeth that are yet to fall out, but dental health is important for these young guys too.

Get used to checking your kitten or pup’s teeth so:

  1. You know what they look like

  2. They get used to having their mouth’s handled.

Brushing your pet’s teeth everyday is an excellent habit to begin. Permanent teeth should be fully erupted at 6-7 months of age, so if you have started brushing their teeth already, you will keep them clean and healthy from the very start.

At Albert Animal Hospital, it is not uncommon for us to see pets who have already developed dental disease by 1 year of age. There are many contributing factors including genetics, dental conformation - are the teeth sitting where they should? Are the teeth crowded, overlapping one another? Are there retained deciduous teeth? Have they been chewing on something hard and fractured a tooth?

Start gently brushing your pet’s teeth with a pet toothpaste. They are often a delicious meaty flavour so your pet enjoys the taste. Create a good habit today - happy brushing!

Call us on 3208 9233 to book in for a free dental check if you are at all concerned about any of your fur-family members teeth.

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