Does my dog need sunglasses?

Sunny days were made for outdoor activities ☀️We reach for our sunglasses when we step outside, so should our dogs wear sunnies too?

Doggles (dog goggles) can protect dog’s eyes from more than just the sun. There are many situations where Doggles can help protect eyes e.g. dogs who love to run through long grass, protection from the wind and sand at the beach.


Particular breeds such as Pugs and French Bulldogs which are classified as brachycephalics (short-nosed) dogs are more prone to eyeball trauma because their eyes tend to be more prominent.


Ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun can be potentially damaging to dogs. It can increase the risk of a particular type of cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) and also worsen pannus (auto-immune disease of the eye).

In humans, UV light can cause cataracts, but this is not the case in dogs.

Some dogs have unpigmented skin, so pet sunscreen such as Dr Zoo Zinc-Free Natural Sun Cream and sunglasses like Doggles Interchangeable Lens System (ILS) sunglasses can help protect their pale skin from the sun.


It is best for both humans and animals to avoid the midday sun to avoid sun damage and heat exhaustion.

Pictured is our lovely patient “Chase” looking fabulous in his Doggles. 😎

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