My pet is ITCHY!

Dogs and cats behave differently when they are itchy.

🐶An itchy dog will scratch, chew or lick themselves.

😸An itchy cat will often lick, but not scratch themselves.

One of the first questions we ask when presented with an itchy pet is, “What flea prevention are you using?”

This is usually followed by, “Are you treating ALL in contact pets?”.

Flea allergies are very common and easily prevented. Some pets will be itchier than others and some pets may not show any signs of itchiness but may be silently harbouring a flea infestation in the household.

The solution is simple, treat ALL pets with flea prevention ALL year round. One of the simplest forms of flea prevention is Bravecto spot-on. It lasts 6 months for fleas and ticks in dogs and last 3 months for fleas and ticks in cats.

Need help with your itchy pet? Book an appointment on 3208 9233. Our team are more than happy to help.

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