Help! My cat is shredding my house!

Feliway? Feliscratch? Feli-What???

Is your cat stressing out? Does he urinate on everything when he’s being a stressy? Or do you have a cheeky kitty who thinks your leather couch would look far better shredded? We hear you!

If you haven’t come across them already, there are an increasing number of products on the market for helping to keep your kitty calm, cool and collected…well for the most part anyway. As for how you’re feeling about that couch...well we’re not making any promises. Being serious though, if you’re in need of some help to de-stress your cat, there are a few simple things you can do to help.

For the scaredy-puss: For many of our feline friends, something as simple as a new piece of furniture, a trip to the vets or having the family over for a BBQ can be enough to cause a huge amount of stress. (Let’s not even mention the neighbour’s new cat “Buttons” who keeps looking at us through the window…) And unfortunately for us as their owners, dealing with a stressed cat can actually be really stressful! When stressed, many cats go off their food, urinate inappropriately, display aggressive behaviour, hide, disappear for days at a time or suddenly become very vocal. If this sounds like your cat, there are some wonderful over the counter products that may help, such as Feliway. Feliway comes in two forms, a spray or a diffuser. Both work to calm your cat by using a synthetic version of the cat’s cheek pheromone to replicate the calm, happy messages that your cat leaves when he rubs his face on objects. (It’s a big deal to cats we swear!). By spraying Feliway or using the Feliway diffuser in the home, cats feel more secure and less stressed, meaning they’re less likely to display all those undesirable behaviours we mentioned. Try spraying Feliway onto objects you DON’T want your cat rubbing on or scratching – if it’s already been marked with the cheek pheromone there’s less need to do it again!

For the couch destroyer:

Cats are territorial, so marking their territory by scratching is a normal feline behaviour. Unfortunately though, our fancy furniture sometimes falls victim to cat claws and said behaviour. If you’ve got a fierce couch destroyer at home, it’s probably a given that you’ve purchased every cat-scratch-fortress under the sun in a desperate bid to save your expensive lounge. If only the cat would actually use it…. Fortunately there is a product called Feliscratch that may be able help! And for extra help, you can use Feliway in combination too! on… Feliscratch works by sending a visual territorial message to your cat, encouraging them to scratch over the top of where you’ve applied it. You’ll just need that cat-scratch-fortress (or a regular, vertical scratch post) to apply it to. Applied over a 1 month period, Feliscratch helps to encourage your cat to scratch the post, rather than the couch! For extra help, Feliway can be sprayed onto the couch (and other furniture items) that you DON’T want marked.

To further help de-stress your cat, always ensure you supply them with the following: - Fresh food and water daily - Lots of safe places to perch and hide at different heights - Multiple scratch posts - Food enrichment toys and regular toys - TWO litter trays per cat - Have a full health check up with us. Sometimes behavioural problems are the result of an underlying health issue. Call us on 3208 9233 to make an appointment to get a full health check to rule out any other issues.

If you’re concerned about your cat’s behaviour, or would like to know more about Feliway and Feliscratch chat to our friendly vets and nurses!

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