Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is an essential start to your puppy’s life, teaching them basic obedience and giving them imperative socialisation skills with other dogs and people so they become an enjoyable part or your family and not a doggie nightmare! Classes will be held at the clinic on Sunday afternoons from 1pm, so if you are interested, please call the clinic on 3208 9233 as bookings are essential and class numbers are limited!

Train your puppy with our delta accredited trainer Julz!

Our next class begins:

Thursday 16th July

Our puppies have a fantastic time as they can socialise in a situation that they are not normally exposed to at such an early age. We run a series of competitions and play lots of games. You and your puppy will receive comprehensive notes, a personalised graduation certificate, samples and goodies at the end of the course. 


Please contact the Albert Animal Hospital on 3208 9233 to book. The cost of the 5 week class is $120 and there is a 10% discount for two or more puppies.


We look forward to seeing you and your puppy soon!!!

Running over 5 weeks, you and your puppy will learn:

  • The importance of socialising with other puppies and other people

  • Basic obedience including sit, lay down, stay, come, on your bed, walking on a lead and leave.

  • Handling and desensitisation to the vet clinic environment

  • Routine care including desexing, nutrition and parasite control

  • Behaviour problems and solutions including toilet training, biting, chewing, digging, jumping and separation anxiety

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