No Teeth? No worries

March 31, 2019


Sometimes pets require all of their teeth removed. Yes that’s right. Every. Single. Tooth. It sounds scary, but in a small number of patients it is necessary, and for a good reason.


Not all teeth can be saved. The pain and infection in your pet’s mouth can cause problems not only in the mouth, but can cause damage in other organs.


Bacteria and toxins from the mouth can go for a joy ride through the bloodstream and cause harm to your pet’s heart, liver and kidneys. 



For starters, have you ever seen a cat chew? They don’t. Well not well anyway. If you’ve ever seen your cat vomit up those bikkies, you’ll see that they’ve hardly been chewed.


Dogs can also eat perfectly fine with no teeth. Once the gums heal from oral surgery, your pet will be happily eating normally without any dental pain. In fact, chewing on hard biscuits can help maintain a strong jaw.



There may be some modifications of their diet. Sometimes adding water to soften their food can aid in digestion, but most pets will eat anything including dry food without any teeth.



Chances are, you won’t even notice they have no teeth unless you go looking. 


If all of your pet’s teeth have been removed, their tongue may poke out of their mouths a little. This is to be expected as there are no teeth holding it back.


Just like this little star Monte Carlo. Monte has had all of his teeth removed and lives a very happy life. He still loves a liver treat when he comes to visit us at the clinic.


We understand it can be worrisome if your pet needs oral surgery. However, once they have been treated they will have have a pain-free mouth and no more bad breath.


When did you last have your pet's teeth cleaned, call us for FREE dental check. Don't delay, dental disease is painful! Call 3208 9233 now. 

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